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Dear Mr. Harrington:

I am writing to let you know what a fantastic bunch of teachers and staff you have at Morristown , New Jersey . I had about 110 hours when I came to your school, and I would call some of the time I had at other schools wasted.

Your instructors pushed and encouraged me. Each was superbly trained. I did the majority of my training with Mr. Ian Henry, an unusually intelligent and resourceful young man worthy of special notice. All of the other instructors were terrific. I learned from each of them. The manager, Mr. Mark Bennett, and his staff, were quite responsive. I set a goal – to get my private pilot in short order – and they responded.

I am looking forward to doing my instrument rating at Morristown as soon as possible. Best wishes for continued success with your school.

Sincerely yours,

Joshua Friedman

Dear Lucas,

This letter is written to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you and the Staff of American Flyers of Morristown for the outstanding and most effective delivery of the Instrument Airplane Course. From the test preparation seminar to the program's unique balance of computer and aircraft training, you and your staff brought to my experience not only a mastery of subject matter and superior pedagogical techniques, but also a confident professionalism and good humor that was at once encouraging and demanding. To this end my thanks and congratulations on a job well done.

In retrospect it is not difficult to understand that American Flyers has been at the business of instrument instruction for a very long time. It is reflected at every turn. I would have no qualms at all in recommending to anyone interested in learning to fly informed and well, whether for a private license or for an instrument or additional rating, that they enroll with you at American Flyers of Morristown. You run an excellent program with an outstanding staff. I wish you every success in the future.


Ron Cavanagh

Dear Sirs:

I have been attending your school in Morristown , New Jersey and recently passed my private pilots exam. I wish to relay a bit about my experience and the people that made my passing possible.

When I first began exploring the idea of getting my pilots license I talked with a few friends who have their license, in particular one person who works for Flight Safety. He recommended you guys and despite my trepidation of going to a ‘flight school' (the name to me is synonymous with class rooms filled with lots of people and not much individual training.) I decided to go out and talk with Mark Bennett to find out more about your operation. After meeting with Mark I decided to enroll.

I must tell you that my experience was absolutely fantastic. The attention to my individual learning, the flexibility of scheduling and the intelligence of the instructors made my lessons simply amazing. The bottom line is this. The value of any organization is based on the intellectual capital of the individuals that make up that organization. You have many individuals working in your office with a high amount of intellectual capital.

While I never took any lessons with Mark Bennett I did however have fairly constant contact with him throughout the last ten months. He was extremely cognizant of the fact that I am basically chained to my desk throughout the week and also have a very busy schedule on the weekends. He also realizes that I am doing this completely for my own pleasure, and given that fact that it is meant to be FUN. In short Mark completely comprehends all aspects of your business. He understands that you are not only teaching people how to fly, but you are also running a business with customers who have many different needs and that these needs should not be under estimated and need to be met.

Consider yourselves lucky to have such talent working for you.


Ross Peet

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